Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sexy and Sunny

Skys are clearing, flowers soon will be blooming, and the crisp air smelling like spring! Oh how we all can't wait! Those going away for spring break how envious I am. So make sure you are traveling in style!

Dresses are one of my obsessions and let me tell you the options for spring/summer 2011 are fantastic! Dresses are so much easier ladies! You don't have to worry about finding a top for that bottom or vice versa. A dress can easily be transformed from day to night and the amount of different looks you can create are overwhelming.

Throw a sweater over it, jacket, shawl, necklaces, bracelets, light weight scarves, belts, flats, heels, you name it! I find a dress to always be cute yet comfortable, casual yet dressy all at once. Sometimes even beats out a skirt in the best clothing option in my eyes.

Mini, Above the Knee, At the Knee, Below the Knee, to the Floor...

Take your pick and it will look sexy. Not only is it how you accessorize the dress, but carrying yourself with confidence will exude beauty.

People crave confidence. Remember confidence not cockiness. Look hot and know your hot! That is all there is to it!

Blake Lively and Leighton Meester Look hot on a shoot for Gossip Girl.

Jennifer Lopez looks spicy sexy in a striped print maxi.

Eva Mendes could steal any guy's heart in this feminine yet sexy sundress.

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Stay sexy,


Friday, February 18, 2011

Hunky Suiting

Listen up fellas! 2011 is all about the modern suits!

Two key factors when purchasing suits should be classicism and masculinity. Certain cuts flatter the male physique. Men want a suit that broadens the shoulders and trims the waist- showing off or giving the illusion of a fit body.

Need a suit? Look in to all of these factors:

Guys should also look into single breasted, double breasted, three piece suits, and sports coats.

Fabrics include: wool, cotton, linen, velvet

Patterns include: Glen Plaid, Damier Check, Herringbone, Harris Tweed, Pinstripe, Rope-stripe

Buttons: 1 button, 2 buttons, 3 buttons

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These male celebs look fine in their suits on the red carpet

Smokin hot in a 3 piece suit

So take your pick guys!! Pick a suit and make all the ladies drool!!

Stay sexy,


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dresses and Skirts to the MAX

MAXI is back ladies!!! This spring/summer 2011 maxi dresses and skirts are the it things to be wearing!! Look sexy without showing too much leg, or any leg at all for that matter!

One thing about this fabulous trend is either you love the floor sweeping look or you hate it. Although I admire the women that so elegantly pull of this look effortlessly and look fab doing so, I am not so sure about the style for myself. Although I have the height for the dress, I do love showing off my long legs God gave me!! :) But that's just meee.

This trend is feminine and floaty! Power to the girls who pull off this trend oh so nicely! Who knows? Maybe I just may find myself rockin a maxi dress this season!!

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These celebs look hot yet feminine in these beautiful gown like dresses!

Eva Longoria looks ravishing in her long red maxi!

Hope all is well with my fabulous, trendy readers!!

Stay sexy,


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Teeny Bikinis and Swim Trunks!!

Swimsuit season isn't too far away so kick your butts into gear and get pumping that iron!! We all want to look hot and sexy in our swimsuits on the weekend getaways, vacations, and spur of the moments plans we all make.  But lets not forget...SPRING BREAK!!!! So get that bod into shape and dress it in style!

For 2011 bright neons, geometric patterns, tribal and paisley prints, and 60s inspired styles are sure to be eye catching by the pool or on the beach.  Believe or not guys, but this season it's in for you to show a little more leg! Swimsuits hemlines may be a lil tone up gents!!

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Some of our fav cast from the Jersey Shore are lookin hot in prints and neons!

Brooklyn Decker, Miranda Kerr, and Marisa Miller look smokin in their teeny bikinis

Male models rocks the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

 so get ready for the hottest season of the year....literally!!!

Stay sexy,


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stars in Stripes

Be fab this year and hop on board for the stripe trend!!! Its going to be the hottest thing for summerrr! Be nice and breezy in nautical attire. Nothing looks crisper together than navy and white.

Hats to magnificent mini dresses, you can't go wrong with bold stripes. Don't be afraid to layer and have your statement piece eye catching stripes.

Look fierce in 2011 and rock the nautical look!!!!!

"Dita Von Teese, Shanae Grimes and Sienna Miller, show off their trendy striped numbers."

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"To shop the looks: (from the top left)"
Michael Stars Tee, $56
Crumpet Sweater Dress, $400
Forever 21 Skirt, $6.80
ChloƩ tank, $470
Forever 21 Sweater Tank, $17.80 

Look like a star in stripes this year and strut your stuff on your everyday catwalk! You for sure will be a head turner!

Stay sexy,


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Super Sweet!!!!

What can better satisfy your sweet tooth than the spring color Honeysuckle!! This trend is a hot one for spring 2011 and a trend that many of us have been craving!! It hits the spot perfectly, looks great on practically every skin tone, and is a guarantee head turner!

Honeysuckle pairs well with ivory, cream, white, black, some purples, reds- it's such a satisfying color.

Ladies opt for dresses, skirts, shorts, tops, belts, jewelry, nail polish, you name it!!
Gents don't be afraid of this succulent color! Be bold and wear shorts or shirts!

All these celebs look ravishing in their honeysuckle ensembles!

These models really know how to work the runway and look fab in the hot "now" color!

Above, from left: Nina Ricci, Jil Sander, DKNY, Valentino.

Men's Lacoste Polo

$88 at

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Stay sexy,


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Prominent Prepster

Who doesn't love a a Prepsterrr? It screams elite, privileged, and and down right sexy!!! It gives a guy a clean cut look that women go gaga over.

Polo Shirts, Sweaters, Button Downs, Chinos, show me more!!!! Everyone knows a guy has real pizzaz when he wears pastel shorts, a polo, and Sperrys. Comfortable in pink screams confidence and polos give off a sporty edge.

One of the masters at Prep is Ralph Lauren. Other great Designers include Nautica, Lacoste and Sperry.,,

                              Dwyane Wade with Gabrielle Union at a Polo match in the Hamptons.

                               To get his look check out
                                                           Ralph Lauren Classic-Fit Big Pony Polo for $98


                   No one can deny that Scott Disick is the king of Preppy; and it suits him well!

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                                                            Stay sexy,


Monday, February 7, 2011

Thursday Friday is sheer Genius

First off I would like to thank a friend of mine for introducing this fabulous line to me and I would like to applaud the fashionable geniuses that came up with the concept Thursday Friday. What could be more brilliant than to take a simplistic everyday tote and adding a chic sizzle to it? Totes are a woman's best friend.

As we all know ladies, we need that everyday bag that we can throw our personal belongings into. Sunscreen to groceries, we need a bag to carry it all!

Who wouldn't want to travel in style at an affordable price of $35.00? It's a bag with a sense of humor that every gal should own! This bag will add convenience to your day and help you stay green when shopping!

Start the trend amongst your friends and Get them while they are hot ladies!!!


                                                                 Stay sexy,