Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sexy Hellacious High Heels

Ladies Ladies Ladies!!!! As a woman tall or short, curvy or thin, we cannot get enough of high heels!! Although some women claim they cannot wear heels due to back problems, foot discomfort, and long hours at the office, designers like Francesco Russo for Sergio Rossi are exploring ways to perfect the fabulous sexy heel.

 Heels make men drool and women envy each others' backsides.  Although known for creating foot problems and body aches, women still spent $38.5 billion on shoes in the U.S. The designers have discovered that a high quality shoe must be made with a sturdy invisible shank supported by a sturdy heel and a cushioned foot-bed. This design will help add comfort and allow women's weight to be better supported by the shoe.

Although pricy, this may be the answer to many women's prayers. Foot and back pain may no longer stop women from buying the sexy shoe everybody loves: THE POWERFUL HIGH HEEL!! Celebs know what they are doing when buying when these shoes for carpet events!!

Leighton Meester looks fab in a Zac Posen dress and in Blue Patent Sergio Rossi pumps

 Rosie Huntington Whiteley in Max Mara dress and Sergio Rossi heels

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Stay sexy,