Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flip Out

Warm weather months are quickly approaching and what better casual shoe to slip on then FLIP FLOPS!! They are comfy and cool to add to your casual style. There are so many options. Brands, colors, styles..the variety is endless.

Flip Flops are also a great way to get rid of that sock tan some of you have and a way to let those toes breathe. Ladies...make sure you get a pedicure!! can also get a pedi if your man enough to handle it haha..Nothing is wrong with getting that dead skin taken off and those calluses shaved down. Lets keep our feet looking good!

Celebs love their flops! It is like wearing a sturdier version of slippers. Flops are a nice break from those heels the ladies have to strut their stuff in and closed shoes men walk around in.

Some popular brands include Rainbows, Havaianas, Michael Kors, Reefs, etc.

Halle Berry looks fly and relaxed in her red flops.
Matiko Sara Sandal $76.00

Kellan Lutz out and about in flops

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shade Savvy

Shades! Gotta love them!! They are and always will be my favorite accessory. It completes an outfit while protecting your eyes from the sun. You all may have be familiar with my post 'Go Big and Go Bold' but sunglasses are worthy of a second post!

There are hundreds of different designs and shades. It is up to you on which you choose. Face shape should be kept in mind as well as the ensemble you will be wearing. Celebs like to change up their shades depending on mood and events they attend.

The Cat Eye trend is a great way to add a little pizzaz to your look. This shape is especially great for square and heart shaped faces.

Here is a guide for different shaped faces readers can check out: This site will update ya on what shape sunglasses will best suit your face.

Victoria Beckham's 2011 Sunglass line is out of this world!!–-victoria-beckham-collection-2011

Ray Bans are hot in 2011 as usual. Celebs love their Ray Bans!!

Blake Lively in Ray Ban Wayfarer $109

Jessica Alba in chic round Ray Bans $97 (Ray Ban RB4141)

Joey McIntyre in Ray Ban (RB3136 Caravan $89)

James Franco in Ray Ban4125 CATS 5000 $101

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Rock out in hot shades!!

Stay sexy,


Monday, March 28, 2011

Wacky Wedges

Wedges! or some of you may know them as...Espadrilles!! These are the hottest shoes for spring and summer...and they make ladies' legs look damn sexy! You want a shoe to do wonders for your legs this is the shoe...not to mention it is one of the most comfortable high-heeled shoes.

Jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts..wear wedges with what ever you would like. There are so many different wedge heights, styles, and colors. A popular casual look are the cork bottom wedges. Women love these for a well put together yet casual look.

Anyone can wear these fabulous shoes. Older women, younger women. They are fun yet comfortable shoes!!

Vanessa Hudgens looks cute sitting with Zac Efron wearing Cynthia Vincent Luella Wedges
these can be found on in black for $238.99 or in Cognac shown on for $409.00

Jennifer Aniston loves her Stuart Weitzman 'Alex' Wedges
these can be found on for $365.00

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Glide through your day looking sexy!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Fabulous Jimmy Choo

Sorry that I was MIA for a few days. My laptop was being repaired. Anyway, today's post will be a little different than usual. Although I will be talking about a Fashion label, I want my main focus to be on the co-founder Tamara Mellon.

We all know and love Jimmy Choo. This luxury fashion brand defines what a women should be. Strong, sassy, independent, and style with class. The shoes are divine; they offer everything a girl could want.

A fantastic article from Monday, March 21st Life and Style section in The Journal News:
Sexy, chic, and growing by Samantha Critchell discusses the extraordinary Tamara Mellon and her fast growing successful company Jimmy Choo.

What is so great about Tamara Mellon is that she lives and breathes fashion. She believes you either care how you look or don't. It is up to the individual. Mellon is such an UGG and Hunter fan, she came up with the idea to cross brand Jimmy Choo with both companies.

If there is a female role model within the fashion industry I would want to look up to it is Tamara Mellon. She is a mother, dominant business woman, and made it happen on her own.

Stay sexy,


Friday, March 18, 2011

Rested 'n' Relaxed

One company that comes to mind when loungin around in style is American Apparel. Many people like to dress in soft comfortable clothing yet like to look neat and well dressed. I was in the mall today with a friend from home and she said she wanted to stop in the double AA. I went with but was a little hesitant about slightly overpriced soft and stretchy clothing.

But then i felt the zip up hoody. It felt like butter and was chic looking. This unisex/men's,women's, and children's  brand knows what they are doing. Something so simple can be so comfortable and sexy all at the same time. The deep v-necks, crew neck shirts, hoodies, and dresses-you just can't go wrong. The colors are fantastic!!

Prices are all ranges. Hoodies can be in the $40-$50 range, Tees are between $20-$30.

Kristin Cavallari shops in an American Apparel Tank.

Mary-Kate Olsen at Weeds Premiere in American Apparel V neck

Another brand that I love is LnA tees. They are fabulous and very similar to American Apparel. LnA tees are soft and fashionable with a slightly higher price range.

Tees can range from $70-$100
you can also check out: and

Jake Gyllenhaal in LnA Tee

Jessica Alba in LnA tee

I would definitely invest in these classics. You can't go wrong with plan tees. What is so great about them is that they are fashionable and don't have labels plastered all over them even though they are designer.

For my bargain shoppers check out: Hanes or Fruit of loom tees. They are on,,,,, etc.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Beaming Business (Part 3-Formal:Women)

Okay ladies, it's your turn to be updated on formal business attire! Sorry for those of you who were eagerly awaiting!
I believe in what I like to call a "4 piece suit." It is essential and extremely important for all to have a well fitting suit that includes, jacket, pants, skirt, and dress. It is extremely important because this way you have numerous options to choose from.
I recommend splurging!! A black suit can be an investment piece and will never go out of style. You can never go wrong with plain black.
I feel there are far less rules when it comes to women's clothing. Men have less options but more strict rules. Women can play with their outfits a little bit.

Dress pants: I recommend staying simple with your investment pieces. Slight flare, wide leg, boot cut, straight leg are all acceptable.

Jackets: Make sure your suit jacket matches your pants. Although it is not a necessity, it looks sharper, well put together, and more professional (and suits should match). If you are going for a more edgy look and slightly less formal you can wear a jacket that is well tailored but not necessarily the same color. ex) black blazer with a navy dress.

Skirts/Dresses: As I said before in my earlier posts, it is not necessary to have your hem-line below your knee. Just because you are dressing professionally does not mean you need to look like a grandma. Whoever tells you that is lying or simply does not know what they are talking about. We are all adults here, I would hope we can judge what is appropriate and what is not. Just make sure you are not wearing a mini skirt. As for stockings.....? Honestly I have seen it all. After being told by certain fellow students I must wear stockings and my dress should be below my knee instead of at my knee, I was beside myself laughing when i attended a recruiting session where the women recruiters were not wearing stockings and their skirts were above the knee!!!! Those classmates may have been misinformed or jealous, I don't know....but they were wrong. Do what you think is right. To be safe wear stockings....or opt out and wear pants.

Tops: button downs are a great option but make sure thy fit properly. Nothing looks worse than a woman in a boxy button down. If you can escape that factor, tuck it in ( I think it should be tucked in anyway honestly). Nothing should be too low cut. We want to look great but we are not marketing ourselves sexually. haha Women need to stay appropriate. Do not be falling out of your shirt or flashing your belly button. Keep it classy. A little ruffles always look nice under a jacket. Also, please try and prevent showing bra straps. It looks bad and is not professional.
Tops should have sleeves. Sleeveless tops are an iffy topic and are more acceptable in the casual world.

Coats: no puffers. wear a peacoat

Shoes: oxfords are very in for the ladies today-edgy yet classy. flats on occasion. If it's formal i would go with an oxford or boot style shoe. When wearing a dress or skirt I would opt for heels- make sure they are closed toe. Peep toes are acceptable for a fashion forward company. If it is a corporate banking company go with a closed toe shoe. Do not wear tights or stockings with peep toe shoes!!

Accessories: nothing over the top ladies! lets not wear leopard hoops and 25 bracelets. Keep it classy and simple. Preferably studs or delicate tiny earrings, a watch or simple bracelet, simple necklace. Belts, handbags-keep it simple

Hair/Nails: Do what you want. Just don't look disheveled. Clean cut and out of your face. No crazy nail colors. Preferably light colors-not bright yellow or green.

Makeup: It enhances beauty so wear it!! Just don't wear orange lipstick or orange eyeshadow. haha

Marc Jacobs knows how to get it done when making women's suits

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Dress for Success!!!

Stay sexy,


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beaming Business Part 2- (Formal Attire: Men)

So yesterday I informed you all about how to dress in casual business attire. Although casual is great, nothing beats formal business attire. It screams Class, Professionalism, and that you are Serious! And let's be honest, nothing is hotter than looking sharp in a suit! Interviews, jobs, and presentations are important! You're important! So dress like it!! Going on an interview? Go for formal attire!!!!

You can't go wrong with black! Yes, there are a variety of shades and colors, styles and prints. But solid black just screams sharp. Some may find it boring but it's killer. Black is classy and is always in style. It's timeless. So don't shun it.

Celebs look bold and hot in suits

Guys formal attire:  Suits, Suits, Suits. Go out there and splurge on a three piece suit please! Stop miss matching, bite the bullet, and get yourself a freaking suit! Stop with dress pants and any old blazer. A full matching suit is a suit...and you will not go unnoticed! I know you think appearance isn't anything but...when you hit on a girl isn't the first thing you notice is her appearance?!?! My point exactly! Look sharp and then win your employers over with you smarts, experience, and willingness to learn!

Button down shirts- white is always your safest bet. Although you make find it boring it does the job and is most appropriate for a job interview. Get a shirt that fits! Make sure the sleeves are not too long and not too short. You don't want them bunching up or leaving your wrists exposed. Neck-don't let your shirt choke you to death! It's not cool and looks terrible..same goes for too big. Buttons should all be fastened..even the ones near the cuff.

Pants-size matters! Do not wear them too long-meaning they should not bunch at the bottom. If they do get them hemmed. Do not let them be too short either. Your pants should rest at your waist and there should be a slight break before they rest at the top of your shoes. Waist should not be too tight that they are cutting off circulation and not too big that they give a baggy appearance.

Shoes- Shoes and socks should always match. Socks should be nothing crazy. Dark and if patterned, very very subtle. You should have one very nice pair of shoes. This may cost a little bit of money but so worth it. Ex) wing tips

Belts- Do not wear a brown belt with a black suit! It is not ok. Wear a black belt!

Ties- If you are wearing a white shirt and black suit colors are endless....but don't go crazy. You don't want it to be the focal point of the interview! There are skinny ties and the wider traditional tie. You can't go wrong with a tie about 3 inches wide.
Check out:

Accessories- Do not wear a sports watch. Wear a nice one! If you don't have one then don't wear any old watch...but i do recommend going out and getting one! And please do not wear Walgreens sunglasses to an interview...i hate to say this but if they are not nice looking or designer, (and a subtle color) do not ruin your outfit by wearing them.
Earrings- if you have earrings I recommend you take them out. They do not look professional.
Tattoos- make sure they are covered!

Coats- Do not wear your puffy winter jacket. You should invest in a Pea Coat. There are multiple lengths: To the waist, to the shin, or to the ankle. Go with to the knee/shin!!! Safest bet and completes your outfit.

These celebs look fab on the red carpet in a variety of suits

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ladies, your formal attire will be coming soon!

Kick butt on those style!

Stay sexy,


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beaming Business (Part 1-Casual)

We all want to look our best when going on an interview or making a presentation. Ladies here is a piece of advice: don't think you can get away with wearing just about anything because you are a woman. And guys....tuck your shirts in and stop buttoning your bottom button!!! It's a cardinal rule: Men should never button their bottom button on their suit jacket. So those of you that are, STOP DOING IT!!!!

Although there is a difference between business casual and business professional, you should be clean cut and well groomed for both.

I would rather be overdressed than underdressed.

When someone says business casual they mean professionally dressed, yet relaxed looking. For men, a tie may not be required. But one must be careful. You really need to think the setting you will be in. The dress code may suggest business casual, but if you are going to be in front of employers you may want to lean towards the formal attire end without pushing it too far. Some companies even allow employees to wear clean cut dark denim to work. As I said, it's subject to the environment you will be in. Go more professionally dressed first. See how the setting is and how the big dogs dress, than make your decision for the future.

Guys business casual: Wear dress pants. If it's summer wear you can wear khakis. (not cargos of course) When I say khakis I mean Dockers. You may or may not opt for a tie: it's your call. A polo, sweater, sweater vest, blazer, or button down are all sufficient. As I said, truly depending on the setting you may be able to wear denim; but if your unsure I would stay away from it. Never wear sneakers!!! Oxfords are a good choice.

Justin Timberlake is a great example wearing of a modern day business casual get up.

Ladies Business Casual: Dress Pants, skirts, dresses, they are all acceptable. Do not wear leggings or skinny jeans! Leggings are to lounge around in and skinny jeans are for a night out. Once again, depends where you work, but for most of us those bottoms won't fly. Hemlines for dresses and skirts: some like to say it has to be past the knee. This is not true. More conservative people say so but honestly as long as it's not a mini skirt just below your ass you should be fine. Just above the knee won't kill you or anybody else and is not inappropriate.  
There is also another false tale saying your hair must be pulled back. I recommend this to men with long hair but women: no. Women can wear their hair down as long as it is not in their face covering their mouth or eyes. As for tops, button downs, sweaters, ruffled tops are all fine but lets not have a plunging neckline down to your belly button!-because that's not acceptable. Shoes: flats, heels, oxfords are all fine. Open toe casual sandals/flip flops are not okay! Makeup: this is a yes! Whoever tells you no is lying!! Just don't wear orange nail polish or lime green eye shadow and I think you are good!

Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Obama, Olivia Palermo, Victoria Beckham all look sexy yet refined in their twist on business casual.

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Dress wisely, get ready for 2mrw's formal attire!!

Stay sexy,


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Delicious Denim

Denim has been and will always be in style. You can't go wrong with a pair of jeans and cute top. It's a safe way to dress up or dress down without too much effort. When someone asks "What should I wear?" it's safe to tell them jeans.

There are so many different styles of jeans. Light washes, Dark washes, Medium washes, Acid washes, fading, rips, splatter paint, the options are endless. Skinny leg, straight leg, cigarette cut, boot cut, flare leg, ultra skinny, jeggings (mix between denim and leggings), high waisted, wideleg, cropped, shorts.

Jeans can be worn with tunic tops, tanks, tees, button downs, polos, sweaters, long sleeve tees, you name it!

Denim can be bought inexpensive or expensive (designer). I can honestly say although either type of pair does the trick, I am biased towards designer jeans.

In my eyes denim is an investment pair of clothing. Now I'm not talking about the trendy paint splattered pair but a plain dark wash pair of denim. Dark denim can be worn for a dressy night out or a casual but clean cut look. The more well made the jeans are the better.

These models are displaying a whole range of different styles and washes.

Kareena Kapoor, Akon, and Shahrukh Khan all look fly in their dark washes and slim fit denim

Jennifer Aniston wearing Degaine Jeans
Degaine jeans can be found on

Channing Tatum, Brian Austin Green, and David Beckham all look super sexy in darn denim and button downs.

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So invest in a designer pair or bargain shop! It's your choice!

Stay sexy,


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Killer Kicks

A big question is, "What kicks should I wear?" Shoes complete an outfit. They either bring it all together or throw it all off! Shoes are important because you want to be in style yet comfortable at the same time!

Guys, you do have it much easier than girls do! Although many of you have a shoe obsession and collect hundreds of different styles, your job picking out shoes is much simpler. All you need is a basic pair of loafer/sperrys, running sneakers, Timberlands/boots, dress shoes/wing tips, sandals/flip flops for the beach and you're good to go!

Ladies on the other hand have so many options and styles they need to consider. Many women have shoe obsessions as well; they also have a wider variety they have to use to style their outfits. Flats, sandals, flip flops, wedges, stilettos, boots, booties, clogs, sneakers, and a variety of different heel options. Certain outfits you can wear with flats others you can't. It's just the way styling works.

One thing for sure is that your feet will never be bored! A person can never have enough shoes with so many styles and colors to choose from! Keep that in mind next time you're on a shopping spree!

                                              Celebs go crazy for Leopard print shoes

Hot pink heels and Timberlands

Timberlands are a great option for college kids trekking their way through the snow and Uggs are a great choice if you want to stay comfy and warm!

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And for all my shoe crazies should definitely be a site you check out! The shoes are affordable  and trendy; better yet, go towards a great cause! Every pair you purchase, your pair is matched and sent to someone in need! The program is called "One for One." So check it out!

Chris Pine in Toms

Kristen Stewart in Toms

So keep your feet happy/comfy and dress them up!!

Stay sexy,


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Don't Sweat It

So we all know that college students hate getting up for early classes! Currently being a college student, I know how it is when walking around a campus. Students want to be comfortable.

Although some get dressed and ready for the day, others want a quick and comfortable way to get ready in the morning! What better option than sweat pants!

Although many don't like the option of sweat pants cause they think it's a bummy look, there are ways to look cute and casual.

Hair down or messy bun for girls, usual do for guys. Hot pair of shades, jewelry, watches, cute handbags. Don't be afraid to do it up!

Guys and Gals can wear any old sweats, school labeled sweats, or for my label junkies out there a higher end pair of sweats with semi fitted tees and you're good to go!

Eva Longoria looks sexy yet comfortable in her Juicy Couture ensemble and Uggs.

Uggs Sundance II ( $225.00) 
Juicy Tracksuits ( $92.00)

Ashley Tisdale looks cute and comfy in Purple Sweats and a gray tee.
Ashley's look can be replicated Givenchy Nightingale Beige Bag ( $1660.00)
Wayfarer Sunglasses (, $144.95)
LnA Deep V Tees ( $62.00)

Channing Tatum is hot and sweaty shirtless in sweats
Channing is wearing Gray Sweat Pants.
For my label junkies guys can check out ( G-Star Correct Sven Sweatpants $140.00)

For all my bargain shoppers out there, ladies can check out Guys can check out,,, etc. 

Lets not get confused and substitute sweats for everything people! 
There is a time and a place to wear sweats and dress up.
But, for those bummy days, Bum around in Style!!!

Stay sexy,


Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Fashion is not only about wearing designer labels but making your own hot creations!
(DIY) Do-It-Yourself is one of the hottest trends right now!

Parade Day at school is this weekend so my roommates and I decided to tie-dye our own shirts. Colors and designs are limitless.

Shoppers can check out AC-Moore, Walmart, Target, etc. for dye and men's Hanes white T-shirts. You can buy a 3 or 5 pack for around $7.

Tie-Dye is never out and it's a fun project for you and your friends.,,

Ashley Tisdale looks oober cute in her blue and purple tie dye dress.

Model in Michael Kors Tie-Dye Polo

If guys don't want to make this polo themselves you can find it at for $175.00

There are so many DIY projects out there so become your own fashion designer!!

Stay sexy,