Sunday, October 31, 2010

Racey "Lacey"

Who doesn't love lace?!?! Lace is one type of material that can add sex appeal to an outfit yet still be classy. Spice up those pants or that skirt with a lace top. Dress those sexy legs in a pair of lace tights. Or, go all out and be bold yet elegant with a lace dress! Lace is sexy yet classy this fall and Winter season so go ahead and create that killer look. For my label junkies out there, take a look at these hot numbers.
Kristin Cavallari is all smiles in Brian Lichtenberg's one shoulder black lace dress ($398.00)
Rihanna looks stunning and shows off her curves in a lace top-Balmain exaggerated Shoulder top ($1,299.20) and "pleasure doing business"striped skirt (currently available in black and white: $91.00)

Taylor Momsen (aka Jenny from Gossip Girl) adds sexy lace tights to her rocker look and looks hot doing so. Similar tights: Spanx "Bloom" Tights ($28.00)

For my bargain shoppers out there, don't fret. Here are great affordable options that will be worth every penny. Stock up and fill your closet with all three trendy pieces. It will be hassle free when shopping at Lace Rouched Dress: $98.00, All over lace Tee (Buy 1 get 1 50% off) : $29.90, Sheer Lace Tights: $29.90 (buy 1 get 1 50% off)!
You can't beat these prices ladies!!

So sex up an outfit while staying in style and classy!!

Stay Sexy,


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lets Get Furry

Fur vests are in this fall Ladies!!! Faux or Real? Take your pick. Add luxury and edge to your outfit all at the same time. Dress this bad boy up or down. Rock it out with a sexy pair of jeans for daytime or a hot mini for the night scene. The Fur vest adds just enough glam for you to strut your stuff.

Kim Kardashian rocks out a fur vest while out to dinner. offers great real fox fur vests ranging from $495.00-$1,495.00. 

For my bargain shoppers out there or animal lovers don't fret; you have so many options! Jessica Simpson is looking sexy in her own "Felicia" Faux Fur Vest which is a part of her Jeanswear line for $89.00. You can find this hot number on Other Options include EXPRESS ( $168.00) and Victoria's Secret ( $78.00-$98.00).
Stay Sexy,


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Go Big and Go Bold

Big and Bold are the way to go when it comes to sunglasses! This is one accessory that can be worn all year round, so it should always make a statement.
Ever have one of those "oh shit" mornings where you look like hell from partying hard the night before? Pull an all nighter studying for an exam? So exhausted you forgot to put on makeup that morning? Or simply just want to shut out the world by making yourself feel invisible? Then Big and Bold sunglasses are the way to go!
Hide those eyes while looking sexy and trendy all at the same time. Channel, Gucci, Dior we all know and love; but don't forgot about the hottest designer shades from the west coast: The Sunny California.
Dita Legends and Karen Walker create some of the sexiest shades you can dress your eyes up in. So go ahead treat yourself to a pair.

Kim Kardashian is sporting Dita Legends "Wonderlust" for $275.00  Lauren Conrad is looking fierce in the Karen Walker "Annie" shades for $180.00

For the guys some hot brands include Carrera and Ray-Ban. Guys can always get a hot sexy look from wearing Ray-Ban. Jake Gyllenhaal is smokin in the Ray-Ban Cockpit sunglasses $104.00
Usher is lookin sexy in Carrera "Endurance" $115.00

So here they are ladies and gents. Some of the hottest shades worn by some of the hottest celebs. If you want to hide those eyes or simply shield them from the sun, do it style!
Stay sexy,


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Plain White Tee a HotTie?

The Infamous Plain White Tee. What more is there to say? Guys and girls can make the tee look sexy dressed up or down. Girls can accessorize with jewelry and a blazer while guys can simply wear it solo or wear a jacket over it.
Should we hate on it ladies and gents? I think not. It gives the message that you got swagger and know you're hot but don't have to try to hard with labels splattered across your chest.

Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick (aka Chuck and Vanessa from Gossip Girl) are rockin the White Tee.

For you label junkies LnA makes a great white tee in both V neck and relaxed Crew. You can purchase this comfy shirt at for $63.00

For those bargain shoppers Hanes Classic Comfort Undershirts are great for the same affect. Men or Women can get away with wearing this white tee. Any department store that sells Hanes underwear are bound to have them or you can simply go onto You can get a package of three for $16.00 on the Hanes website. What a steal!!

Don't be afraid to stay simple!

Stay sexy,


Monday, October 18, 2010

Sexy Workout?

So the question always seems to arise when talking to girlfriends: "Is it possible to look sexy while working out?" The answer is, YES ladies! Whether you choose to believe it or not, men find women working out sexy! Yes, we may be sweating like pigs, mascara running down our faces (if we are even wearing any makeup at all), and huffing and puffing from physical exertion but men still find us sexy. The question still remains..."BUT WHY?" I will tell you why. Ladies, YOU SWEAT when you are doing the dirty just like you sweat at the gym! And lets be honest; most men, if not all men, are constantly thinking about doing the dirty!
So stop feeling so self conscious when a guy is staring at you at the gym! No, he is not disgusted by the sweat on your shirt; he is probably checking you out.
So if you want to stay fashionable, yet comfortable, while working out opt for yoga pants. Nothing is more sexy and fashion forward when working out at the gym.

For those label junkies out there many of you know and love Hard Tail Forever yoga pants. Not only can you wear them to the gym but wear them on a casual lounge day. Depending on where you purchase or what color you chose the price may vary. For a classic look, solid Black is $49.00 from

For those bargain shoppers out there, Victoria's Secret is the way to go! Not only do they offer a variety of styles, but one pair of classic goes for $29.50. The great thing is that Victoria's Secret usually has a special on their yoga line where you can get 2 pairs for $50.00! It is well worth it ladies! You get 2 for the price one one hard tail pair. classic pair $29.50

So hit the gym fashionably and work that booty out!

Stay sexy


Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Mini is "Inni"

Hey ladies! To all you Fashionistas out there: It's never to cold for a mini skirt! 
Although amidst the fall season, a hot little mini with booties are a sexy touch for the night scene. Show a little leg in the BCBG Ombre Power Skirt. Not only is it the hip hugging style that accentuates our curves, but it is a gradient of greys which is hot for the fall season right now! This sexy mini is selling for $148.00.  (

Strapped for cash at the moment or consider yourself a bargain shopper? Not to worry! Other options are available: Try out the Ombre Flat Pleated Mini that EXPRESS offers for a mere $59.50. (

Fashion Gurus

Whether you are a label junkie or bargain shopper, keeping up on the latest trends is a must in the creative world of fashion. From classic to trendy, all is appreciated. Those who say appearance does not matter is lying! Even those who do not care about the clothes they wear still are wearing clothing! It may be a hand-me-down or a non labeled item, but it still is a part of fashion. That is what makes up the world of vintage clothing! Although labels are valued and greatly appreciated, non labels should not be shunned. There is no discrimination in fashion! Fashion is a form of expression and allows for innovation and individualism.
So here it is ladies and gents:
A way for you to keep up with the hottest trends. Go out there and do your thing while looking hot!!

Stay sexy